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Smithsonian Channel

Have you guys heard about the new show on the Smithsonian Channel about the Hope Diamond? I just checked out the preview. The network deserves credit for the beautiful set designs and emphasis on the historical mystery. It is interesting to note that in true museum fashion they went back in order to go forward. The extensive background is used here as a platform to redesign the magnificent jewel into the modern twitter crazed world. Yet there is a mathematical problem. The Diamond disappeared in 1792 and reappeared in 1839. So where was it for those 47 years? That is the mystery that has intrigued me far more than any perceived curse. It is my contention that after its disappearance from France the magnificent blue stone was used as payment between England’s Prince Regent and the French mastermind Talleyrand to reshape the world in the 1800s: The rise and fall of Napoleon? Check. The War of 1812? Of course. How about the increasing importance of women in politics? Well it certainly makes sense for the most perfectly cut stone in the world to factor into that one. READ ABOUT MY REVELATION AT http://crystalperigord.wordpress.com/


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Parson Academy – Part One

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